Friday, 17 April 2009

Black Pleated Tiered Dress

In celebration of our 125th anniversary we have created a 125 limited edition collection of icon pieces inspired by our rich archive. Our Black Pleated Tiered Dress, inspired by Jaeger's black pleated cocktail dress from the spring 1962 collection, has a flirty fishtail hemline and fluttery knife-pleated tier. Tailored gracefully with delicate layers over the bust and great for a night out on the town.

I love this dress, saw it in the window of Jaeger, but alas it cost 299.00 That's a lot cash for one dress, so I'm thinking can I adapt it, can I make my own? Do I have time before the 23rd May? I'm actually procrastinating right now, I should be finishing off a quilt for mailing on Monday instead I'm on here looking at dresses !

I've also been trying to find a traditional English costume for the St Georges Day celebration at school on the 23rd April. Is there one ? Nope, the Scots, Irish and Welsh have one but the English don't...*sigh* what to do ????

1 comment:

  1. Every girl should own an LBD. I've yet to find mine. Isn't yours divine! Any chance someone has made an affordable copy? Keep searching ...and sewing...

    As for the Britich national costume I thought it might involve a suit, umbrella and bowler hat!

    (Having Scottish/Irish heritage I can afford to be cheeky, right?)

    Good luck!...Ann :)