Tuesday, 28 April 2009

I am in love.....

......with the swanky Moda jelly roll, I started sewing it last night after the girls and I pondered over the layout and yum yum yum.... I'm making a coin stack quilt with them and the girls have chosen a fabric from the range for the back and a white with coloured dot for the sashing and borders.

I did make a pinwheel but its far too large, so I'm going to undo this one and cut the triangles in half and redo it. Got to be careful of those bias edges though!!!

Yesterday I managed to break two, yes two vacuum cleaners!! One mine and the other the one I borrowed from my Mum, Uh Oh !!! Thankfully both are still under guarantee so tomorrow I'm going to have to wait in all day for the repair man !!

What big sisters are made for :)

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