Thursday, 30 April 2009

Its been one of those days

A million questions about the boys, I don't mind being stopped every five minutes but I wish people would say something different, something positive or just stop asking stupid questions.

1. I'd die if I was having twins.

2. Rather you than me.

3. Uh-oh here comes double trouble.

4. You've got your hands full

5. Did you buy one and get one free?( although I used this on an old man in Tesco's when he asked if they were twins :) )

6. Which one is the best? Which one is the good one?

7. Are they twins/Are they identical (when clearly Riley has brown hair and Connor is blond!)

8. Do twins run in your family?

9. Are they natural?

10. Which one is older?


  1. Bree - I have my own year old twins and I know what you mean! Mine are boy/girl and I get the identical question all the time!

  2. Oh my, you really don't deserve that! What is it about being pregnant or having a baby that makes people say either stupid or boring comments? I had a little rant on my blog not long ago about everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) asking me if I know what I'm having. I'd really like to say "a baby" but one needs to be polite. So yes, I do feel for you!

  3. haha it was bad when pg, I used to not let people know I was having twins!! They would then have eyes popping out of their heads because I was so HUGE!!!!

  4. From what I can tell, you have four beautiful, lively children who must bring you great joy (even when they redecorate the kitchen with flour!).

    Fer...I'm afraid that when I was pregnant I answered the question as you would like to but in a light hearted way so as not to offend. Did the trick.

    Ann :)

  5. Yes Ann my kids are great, very enthusiastic about life! lol They just don't know yet they out number a lot !!!!