Wednesday, 6 May 2009

I have been researching my family tree, its very time consuming and can be obsessive at times!
So I've taken a break from the research side and have been looking through all the old photographs my Aunt and Mum have. Some date back to the 1890's and earlier. A lot of the photographs do not have names or dates on them, so I'm hoping I can date them from the dresses they are wearing. Then I can make a guess at who the ladies are.

I also have this photograph of my Great Great Uncle Joseph's house in Napoleon, Ohio (I'm from the branch of the family that emigrated back to England in the the 1890's ) so I wonder if there is anyone out there who tell me if this house still stands?

I do feel the need to go to Ohio and Scotland and Manchester and Chester and


  1. Gorgeous photos! Another idea with regards to the house in Ohio is that if you know the full address you could look it up on Google Earth and see if it has a street photo. Good luck! :o)

  2. Ooooh that's an idea, I shall look through the papers my Aunt has for an address :)