Friday, 22 May 2009

Topsy Turvey Cake

Mum's wonky/whimsical/Topsy turvey cake

Mum grew up in the 60's and loves the colour purple

I put ribbon around the cake bases, then changed my mind, but couldn't take them balls it was

I have sprayed it with pearl and it twinkles

There is so much cake, 2 x 10 inch, 2 x 8 inch and 2 x 6 inch, plus 2 lbs of buttercream.

When I catch the cake out of the corner of my eye, I have a knee jerk reaction to straighten it !!!!


  1. Wow that looks fantastic! One f your best yet. I bet your mum loves it.

  2. It looks ready to topple at any moment. It's fantastic and maddening at the same time. Too good to cut!....Ann :)

  3. I can see what you mean, but what a cake! I love it.