Monday, 20 July 2009

And they're off...

Iain and Dan left on Saturday for their trip by car to Mongolia, the crazy duo were joined by 250 other cars..well almost all cars. There were fire engines, ambulances and what looked liked a batman limo.

An interesting fact, there were only 8 women in over 500 persons taking part!!!

Yes that is a sofa on top of the fire engine and yes they are playing musical instruments. I passed it driving back home on the m25 and the sofa was still on the top, although sensibly they weren't!!!

The boys loved their Uncles car, especially the horn singing the Macarana!!!!

Their lap around Goodwin Motor Circuit and they were off, yesterday they txt'd to say they were in Germany..who knows were they are now!


  1. Sounds like a hoot! Looks like something they'd do on Top Gear (love that show!!).

  2. Good grief! It's madness! I agree - it's a real Top Gear ebent. (I like the show too). Thanks for the offer to come stay. I would certainly love to meet you if I ever make it to the UK. Ann :)