Monday, 13 July 2009

Construction and a sew along

So I've been doing the Nine Patch Sew along with Crazy Mom Quilts, ok I didn't do 1 a day. Far from it, I think she got up to day 70 I did 20. Two reasons 1) 4 kids 2) I only had enough scrap patches for 20 blocks. So I layed them out to look at it, wasn't bothered how it went together as its a scrap right, but I really didn't like it much.

So I took a block and cut it....

The turned the blocks and turned them round....

and so have a scrappy disappearing nine patch...

Much happier with it now. I'm just going to sew the blocks together without sashing (as not per instructions) and put a scrappy boarder on.

As for the construction work, Connor is building me an en-suite and conservatory.


  1. I'm with you, unless you break the blocks apart with sashing, it just all runs together. Cutting them up gives them alot more interest. Love it! And your "contractor" is a QT too! Jenn

  2. Scrap quilts are lots of fun. Your disappearing nine patch looks terrific. Cute Connor! Ann :)