Monday, 27 July 2009

Meet Sascha

She's about 10 weeks old and the kids (especially Rachel) adore her. She's spent most of the weekend hidden in my sofa but has ventured out today, so I was able to get photo's. The main reason to getting her was because I have a slight mouse problem, the house backs on to railway tracks, its very foresty and they liked my brioche rolls I had out on the side. So hopefully along with the smell of the cat, poison and traps we shouldn't have any more. She's very feisty I have the teeth marks to show it ;)

I got a txt from my cousins and they are about an hour away from the Kazakhstan boarder you can tracks them here They are called All the Gear and No Idea

See Astrakhan on the left that's where they txt'd me from .


  1. Oh she is just beautiful. I had one just like her about 20 years ago. Lovely colouring. Ann :)

  2. What a little sweetie! I have a tortoiseshell too, they make lovely pets. I also love how their coat markings are unique. Enjoy!