Wednesday, 15 July 2009

A quilt for Flora, Sports Day and a Trifle Disaster

The lovely Bex sent me some Russian Stacking Dolls for Rachel 6th Birthday and in return I have made her new baby girl Flora, a mini baby quilt. Can you guess what block I used, oh yes the disappearing nine patch. I have a layer cake of 'oh cherry oh' fabric to make Aubs a quilt and so used five of them for this. The dots was leftover from Aubrey's Minnnie mouse dress. I love it, I don't want to mail it! but I will...because I have loads of the fabric left to make a new one :)

Aubrey and her medal, and yes Connor did swipe it!!!

Rachel and the skipping race, the only photo I got where she wasn't blurred!

Who wants gammon, egg and chips?

So the trifle disaster, as you know my cousins are doing the Mongol Rally Race, they leave Saturday. Last night we had a family dinner and Trifle was a must have pudding. Out it came in all its malteser apricot glory, only for Dan to take a bite and ewwww the cream was nasty, not off but plain old nasty! It was so bad :( However we scrapped off the cream and ate it anyway! But now there is a letter on its way to Sainsburys HQ with the following picture enclosed

Look how sad my poor cousin looks.......


  1. The little quilt is gorgeous!! I love the red spotty fabric, it really completes it.

    Glad you're sending a letter to Sainsbury's, it's not trifle without cream!

  2. I do like the disappearing nine patch block. Always looks good and yours is no exception. What a shame about the trifle. We have it here at Christmas despite the heat. I wonder what was wrong with the cream? Ann :)

  3. That is a lovely quilt :-)

    what a shame about the trifle though :-(