Thursday, 10 September 2009

Back at school means back to sewing

So its back to school week and the sewing machine has been rearranged on the dining table, yay. Ive started FMQ the bed quilt for my bed, I was looking for a photo of it on my computer but couldn't find one, but I found these two cuties instead...awwwww They are only six days old

So here are more photo's of Hever castle,
The Yew Maze, I followed Rachel around..

The front of the castle, it has two moats

and taken from the side, it looks big but the rooms are very tiny.

Rachel's first time using a sewing machine being instructed by a lady from the Quilters Guild.


  1. Your boys were adorable...and still are! Nice to see the young ons sewing. Ann :)

  2. They grow soooo fast don't they! And now your girl is at the sewing machine too, cool.