Wednesday, 7 October 2009

A four year old UFO...FINISHED

yay, its my very own quilt......not that I'm impressed by it now but finally done. I bought the fabric just before Aubrey was born and really liked them...maybe I've just been looking at it too long or maybe its because Ive fallen in love with Amy Butlers new range

sorry the photos aren't great, it's been raining and grey all week so no light!


  1. On a cold night, with a hot chocolate and a good dvd you are going to love that quilt. The Amy Butler fabrics are gorgeous. Ann :)

  2. It's still a great looking quilt. I think pregnant eyes tend to see things differently, I remember one quilt I made just after falling pregnant - a couple of months in and I couldn't look at it anymore. I had to give it away. Ironically it was in Amy Butler fabrics too (Lotus in red and blue)!!!