Monday, 12 October 2009

On a roll

I'm not sure what has got into me, maybe the cold weather? finally finishing a UFO and getting a great feeling or just nothing on TV to watch but Ive been glued to my machine. Christmas quilt top is nearly done.

After I got all the bits out of the zippy bag I got all confused, see the pattern was in my head and I hadn't written it done. So after thinking for a while it all came rushing back. Each mini block is 6 inch square so each large block is 18 inch square. There is supposed to be nine of them, however for some reason I had only cut enough for 7 1/2 big blocks! Who knows what I was doing. I was a bit worried that it would look like a quilt on crack with all the colours, stars and flying geese, but so far I'm pretty pleased.

And here is Rachel's quilt top complete!! I used a jelly roll of Swanky from Moda and have enough left over to make a couple of throw pillows to match. Just waiting for some batting and backing fabric to arrive. The backing is green ( Rachel's choice) and will use the same green for the binding.

See "on a roll" I even know what I am doing for the two baby shower quilts, my aunts birthday quilt and a surprise quilt. I must be ill :)

Oh and my beautiful friend Rowena has got us some tickets to see Lenny Henry in Othello in London in two weeks time. How exciting, I'm studying the text for my A Level so Ill know exactly whats going on :)


  1. I love love love Rachels quilt. The colours are really fresh and girlie. Think I might have to comission a quilt from you :D

  2. The Christmas Quilt is really coming nicely for someone who couldn't remember the pattern. Rachel's quilt is fabulous - great colour scheme and the white makes it. Othello is my second favourite Shakesperean work (Merchant of Venice my first as I like the character of Prtia). Have only ever seen Lenny Henry doing comedy so this serious role would be interesting. Enjoy! Ann :)

  3. hey! thanks for stopping by my blog.
    We'll get things rolling next week. ;-)
    happy fabric selecting!
    send me your email address... your a no reply comment...

  4. You certainly are on a roll! Yay for you!!

    Lenny Henry in Othello, that'd be so cool.