Saturday, 3 October 2009

Sorry Vickie

its been a while and you've had to spend your nights talking to your husband! What have I been up to?... well.....

trying to remember how the Christmas quilt went together.

Quilting my bed quilt, which is a lot further along than the above photo. I however have fallen out of love with it :(

Figuring out how to make the above costume for a chunky 4 year old. Yes Miss Aubs wants to be a pumpkin and the simplicity pattern only goes up to a size 4!! It shouldn't be too hard. Rach was easier and is going as a tutu wearing witch.
Finding out I'm related to this William Braim who was lost on the Franklin Expedition
and organising a baby shower for my sister and her best friend, which takes place at the beginning of December. How many cakes is too many do you think ?


  1. R decided she wanted to be a "beautiful ballerina superhero" for halloween, not too hard but still one more thing to put on my list!

  2. Am I relieved my costume making days are over. Thunderbirds, Hans Solo, Power Rangers, etc. That's a pretty cute Jack-O-Lantern though. What a shame you are not liking your quilt. Any particular reason? There is no such thing as too many cakes. Ann :)

  3. I think you've been keeping the momentum up very nicely!!

    Mmmmmm..... cake....... :)