Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Tramping around graveyards in the freezing rain....

.......is not a good idea especially when you have to drive 3 hours home in a car without heat.

On our way home from Nancy Belles naming ceremony we stopped off at my Great Grandmothers Village, Winster in the Derbyshire Dales

The road leading into the village, you can see it nestled in there.

One of the Newton graves.

Here's the church, I found out she lived here from a photo that my aunt had and by a complete fluke I came across the same church on the web. When my Great Grandmothers death certificate came through from Australia it confirmed that she was born here.

Also confirming this is the right place we have a photo of Joseph Edwin Newton in his military outfit and his death notice sent by his parents in Winster to my Great Grandmother.

This is the war memorial for the village.

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  1. It's wonderful when we can find little snippets of our ancestry. Most of mine come from Cornwall, hopefully I'll get there one day. :)