Sunday, 17 January 2010

Aubreys 4th Birthday

Happy Birthday Aubrey Strawberry.
We went to London to watch the Snowman at the theatre, it was brilliant.
We walked along Embankment in freezing weather.

We made 52 cupcakes for her friends,
( it was 53 but the cat got on the table and licked one so I had to eat it!)
and a big Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake for her party

I took the camera to the party but was so busy I didn't take any photos, the cake was on top of a cupcake stand with all the cupcakes. It looked fab!

So the only photo I got was these five playing the piano with Uncle Iain very badly!

I'm now about to make a cup of tea to eat the last cupcake with.


  1. "Happy Birthday!" to Aubrey Strawberry. Looks like a fun time was had by all! ---"Love"

  2. Happy Birthday to your little Aubrey! Her cake looks fantastic. Did you make that? (If you did, I'm jealous, I can hardly ice a cupcake properly!)

  3. yes I did Katie, cake decorating and baking is another hobby of mine.

  4. What a fun birthday! Happy Birthday to Aubrey! The cake and cupcakes are sooooooooo cute and look yummy! That was a great day for your little one!


  5. Happy Birthday to Aubrey! It sounds like she had quite a lovely party, and I can see she had a wonderful cake. I hope your cup of tea and cupcake include putting your feet up and relaxing after your efforts!

  6. That cake is gorgeous!!!! (and so are the cupcakes!) Great job. Looks like everyone has a great time :) Christine

  7. Happy Birthday Aubrey! Your cakes are so fanastic. I was looking back at older posts and saw other cakes you make. You are very talented, I have had bakery cakes that did not come close to looking as good as yours.
    Looks like all the kids had fun.

  8. Happy Birthday Miss Aubrey! What an amazing cake and cupcakes ~ they look fantastic. Sounds like you have earned that cup of tea. Ann :-)

  9. Happy Birthday Aubrey!! Mmmmmm, cupcakes..... yum-o!!