Sunday, 3 January 2010

That Christmas quilt... still not finished. I know its been two Christmas's now but this is my New Year Resolutions, no more deadlines or lists or fretting over stuff that really doesn't need to be done.
So here the almost complete top

I must admit I could have quilted it like this but I want to put a proper boarder around it, one with flying geese on a white/gold background. I feel it needs balancing out.
So maybe next Christmas?
This month sees the arrival of baby niece/nephew, my boys starting pre-school and Aubrey's 4th birthday, which I have hired hall and invited her pre-school class to....why??????


  1. Take your time. No need to rush. The border sounds like a good idea. It will help to contain the design, define it. It's a good looking quilt so far. Ann :-)

  2. It'll definitely look better with borders and as you say, all in good time.

    Whoa, that's going to be one BIG birthday bash!!

  3. What a great quilt! I think the borders will really frame it well. Good luck with the party! :) Christine

  4. I love the quilt so far, and I agree that borders will frame it nicely. No rush though. I'm not a fan of deadlines in quilting - they sap all the relaxation benefits out of my stress-busting hobby. Quilts get done when they get done. :) Joanne