Sunday, 21 February 2010

What have we been up to ?

We took a long walk along the Thames in London, this is taken from the Millennium Bridge looking at the Globe. I purchased tickets to see Macbeth here in April, standing in the yard!

Went to Pudding Lane, where the Great Fire of London started, Rachel was doing it for a school project.

and climbed the monument dedicated to the fire, it was a long way up, Mum stayed at the bottom with the boys whilst I walked up with the girls.
Not a lot of crafty stuff going on, lost my mojo along with children gone wild! Seriously I cannot take my eyes off the boys at the moment they are intent on destroying my house! I have taken up pj's but thought that would be a rather boring post!


  1. Nice pictures! I say post the PJ's- not boring at all! :) Christine

  2. Thanks for the pictures. The children are adorable. I really want to come see England. My oldest was in London on a school trip when she was in High School. She loved it. I say post the pj's.

  3. Ooo, the Globe! Last time I was in London was long before it was built :( Must get back there one day!!

  4. Direct your energies where they are most needed. Your wee ones are looking good. I say post the jim jams! Ann :-)

  5. Your kids are cute and I love hearing about where you live. Kids will always keep you busy but sew when you can and we always love pictures of whatever you have been making.


  6. It's always fun to see pictures of places from around the world, especially pictures with cute little kids. Glad you had a good time. ---"Love"