Friday, 16 April 2010

My boys are 3 !!!!

It was the boys 3rd birthday this week, Connor didn't get his 103 cupcakes at the supermarket he changed his mind (phew) and they had Neapolitan ice cream instead. They did get a Handy Manny cake, once again made with polystyrene dummy cake. Having done this meant I could make the best cake in the whole wide world....which is for another post...sorry.
We had the family over and clever mummy bought the boys water pistols, they went through 3 changes of clothes and I was dishing out dry t-shirts for the adults. They had an absolute blast with them.
Thankfully we have had really good weather this Easter holiday so we've been out and about doing lots. We saw 'How to Train Your Dragon', which was fab, best kids film I've seen in a long time. Connor loves dragons, he has a rather large toy one that he sleeps with. I'm thinking of painting their room in a dragon theme, cute ones though, don't want to give them nightmares!


  1. The cake is adorable. Water pistols are always fun unless it is really cold. Looks like you lucked out on the 103 cupcakes. I was thinking of you baking for hours and hours.
    Happy Birthday to them.

  2. Sorry --- I missed this blog somehow! What a fun time all of you must have had---except for the water pistols! I can't believe that!! Surely you didn't???!! (Just kidding you!) No doubt there were lots of giggles at the party! Enjoy days like that with your kids; they grow up all too soon! ---"Love"

  3. Happy Birthday boys! That cake is perfect. :)