Saturday, 29 May 2010

And the winner is.....

.................. Alice
yay for Alice, email me your details and your goodies will be sent off to you.
The boys were upset they didn't get to choose a name, so I let them and we have two runners up...

so top secret goodies ( in other words I shall raid my stash/quilt store) and a package will be sent to Beth and Marsha.
Can you all email me your details.
Its been busy round here, busy revising, my exam is in a week, yikes!. Ive now read Great Expectations three times and still don't get it all!! The poems are all a jumbled mess and HELP!!!So it will be pretty quiet on for a week or so, if I can blog/sew/bake/have any fun then I can be revising.
See you on the other side.


  1. Hi Karen, Sorry to go on but yours are the only contact details that we don't have for the bee, Please could you send them by flickrmail, full name, address, email, blog. Thank you. Maria

  2. Yay for Alice! Good luck with the exam, I'm sure you'll be ace!

  3. Oh poor you, revising isn't fun. But afterwards is! Hope it all goes well, doesn't sound like you've got too long to go.

  4. ME??? Really? I'm just home on my lunch break.

    I'll send my details later.

    Thanks! Oh my... now that has really perked up my day!


  5. Ohhh give that adorable child a hug from me! Looks like we will be "trading" packages. I sent your swap blocks this morning. (Sorry I am so late getting them off).
    Thanks for the give away. Good luck with your exam.
    I'l email you. Congrats to Alice and Marsha!

  6. Congratulations to the lucky winners! Good luck with your exam. Cheers, Ann :-)

  7. I have no doubt you will excel on the exam!
    I think Alice is quite happily surprised --- almost speechless?? *tee hee* It was nice of you to let your boys choose to more winners also. Kids love to participate.....and so do adults! ---"Love"

  8. Hi Karen,

    Good luck on the exam!

    I've sent an email to you.


    PS - And yes "Love", I was pretty much speechless! and grinning all afternoon!