Monday, 12 July 2010

Aubrey the random generator chose....

Yay for Fer, send me your details.
sorry picture is sideways, Ive had a stressful two days...this is why....

This quilt is being a '*^%^%$', I have broken 8, yes that's 8 needles trying to FMQ it. I've run out of needles and I still have a 1/3 to do, by Wednesday!! Also it has badly puckered on the back, I can hide one with a label I'm making, the other I don't know. I don't want to unpick it I think I would cry! So off to the sewing shop in the morning, I suppose I could make the label tonight, I can't do any more sewing without needles!
This quilt is for Aubrey's pre-school, it's her last day on Wednesday, she goes to big school in September...sob sob sob


  1. Broken sewing needles....sometime's I go through several in a night. Have no idea why, but it happens. Congrat's to Aubrey for moving up in school;)
    Congrats to Fer for the win;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  2. Yikes - 8 needles! Maybe the break will do you some good and when you go back it will all go smooth as can be? I hope so! But always remember: you're harder on yourself than others would be and most people wouldn't know what to look for as "wrong" and those who do are more forgiving because they know how hard it is to do it "right"! I'm sure it will be loved, puckers and all, so please don't cry!

  3. Congratulations to Fer for winning, that is a great bag!

    Wow, 8 needles in one night, that is frustrating! Hope the rest of it is easier. I had a baby quilt that I needed to hide a little repair work on the back side. I made some appliques of butterflies, same as I had used on the front, and hid the repairs by covering them up. It turned out really cute and no one knows what is under the appliques on the back of the quilt. Maybe you could do something like that, even "patches" of some of the same fabrics used on the front. No matter what, that is a beautiful quilt. I love the soft pastel colors and the fabrics are so sweet. I'm sure it will be loved and appreciated.

  4. In the photo the quilting looks really good. Sometimes you can get a bad batch of needles. Hopefully after you get more all will go more smoothly.
    Congrats to Fer on the win.

  5. Congratulations Jen! How maddening to break so many needles - especially with a deadline. It's a pretty quilt nonetheless. I'm sorry you are losing your precious girl to big school. Be brave. Ann :-)

  6. What a lovely quilt! I just love the pastels, and your quilting so far looks great to me! You must have lots more patience than I have. I would have given up at four needles at the most! Take a deep breath; you'll get it finished soon! ---"Love"

  7. Yeah Jen!!!

    Beautiful quilt! Some projects don't go down without a fight. This one just doesn't want to leave your home. Hang in there! Maybe it needs two labels? :) Christine

  8. Marsha we must be on the same wavelength, I had the same idea whilst in bed last night! The fabrics I used have butterflies, bees and lady bugs on it so I'm going to cut them out and sew them on :) I got my needles and have finished the FMQ...yay

  9. Love the colors and the quilt is really pretty. Unfortunately, sometimes things don't go as planned. Chin up and it will be beautiful and no one will know but you. Connie204