Thursday, 15 July 2010

Have you ever taken part in a quilt-a-long ?

I really wanted to do the new one at crazymomquilts, so got out some fat quarters I purchased at the Hever Castle Quilt show and am sewing along.
I like it, but there's a lot of white, much more than what you see in the photo (does that make sense?) So this (one day) will go to Mum for her rocking chair. It won't be a single/twin size but rather a lap quilt.

I've now got to concentrate a commission quilt which is based on another quilt-a-long at Oh Fransson.
So I'm just waiting for my kona solids to turn up and I can get going. The fabrics above are for the commission quilt and a picnic blanket.
Sam is such a poser


  1. Yeah, that's alot of white, but I think those spaces would be good to do some pretty quilting in.
    Love the fabrics you have for your commisioned quilt, especially the one with the cirles towards the right hand side.

    I think Sam is almost more of a poser than my Oscar;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  2. Sam looks like he's behaving for the photo and just waiting for the go-ahead to wrestle those fabrics into a submissive jumble! I love the paint box quilt you're going to make with those fabrics, too...I've been eyeing the design, but haven't decided to do it yet. The crazymomquilts quilt along I have seen and thought the same as you about lots of white, but it's looking great and I'm sure your mom will love it.

  3. Very nice, so far! I'll be watching your progress on both quilts! ---"Love"

  4. Sam is so darn cute. Isn't funny how they love fabrics and quilts. I agree the quilt has lots of white, but it's really pretty. Connie204

  5. Sam is adorable.
    Your quilt along quilt is looking pretty. I like the fabrics you have out for your commissioned quilt.

  6. I like it. I don't mind all the white. Sam is doing a terrific job of picking out fabrics for you. Both Amanda Jean and Oh Fransson have super quilts on their blogs. Happy Stitchng, Ann :-)

  7. I too like it. I like quilts with lots of white, and your Mum is bound to love it! The fabrics for the new quilt look great.

  8. I haven't done a quilt a long so far - I'm kind of waiting for one that really grabs me - the quilt top you're making looks fab but then I like a lot of white!