Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Before and After

I've gone grey!
Dove Grey to be precise
I was worried it would make the hallway darker but it doesn't
Now I'm on the hunt for new door and curtain fabric
The front door kinda sticks out though so I'm hoping with a new door curtain it'll fade or I'll have to paint it white!

p.s that line going up the stairs on the 'before' photo is at child height!


  1. Ah yes, child height streaks...wouldn't you know they don't go away as kids get older, they just rise! Your new paint looks lovely and remind me that perhaps I need to refresh my own walls sometime. -Joanne

  2. Ahhhhh - new paint makes everything feel fresh! When my son was in middle school he was tall enough to reach his arms straight up and jump to touch the top of the door frames. He did it all the time! Soon, the door frames were black from grimy boy hands! I was soooooo glad when he got taller and outgrew that! Dove grey shouldn't show the handprints quite as much as off white does.

    It looks great, enjoy! ! !

  3. Nice job! It looks great! Just a thought --- would a handrail maybe keep little hands off the wall? ---"Love"

  4. This looks fantastic - similar colour to our dining room and it doesn't seem to make things look darker at all. Good luck finding fabric for the curtain. Juliex

  5. he he... Thought it looked like grubby little finger prints!

    I LOVE the new colour! The right shade of grey can be so warm and inviting.

  6. Looks lovely! Gray is not one of those colors I use easily, but you seem to know just when to bring it in.


  7. Your grey looks beautiful! It's one of my favorite colors!
    I remember when I tried to replace the carpet in my first condo with a beautiful grey rug. I insisted and finally got my mother on board after the fact. Definitely an under utilized color in my opinion. I think of it as the universal neutral that everything can match, so have fun!

  8. The grey is lovely and I'm not usually a fan. Do paint the door, not white but a colour! ann...

  9. The color is so pretty, it looks so soft and welcoming. You did a great job! Good luck on the fabric hunt.