Thursday, 2 September 2010

An exciting week

So this was my inspiration block for Fresh and Funky Quilting Bee.
I wanted a 12.5 block made of (your choice of what and size) squares, triangles, flying geese, rectangles.
The block was to be half white and half two different fabrics that I supplied.

This is what I have recieved back so far and Im loving them.
Okay one has a slight deviation but seeing the block in person and with the others I love it, so no problem there.
I was also sent extra fabric so I can make up some blocks with this different fabric.
I have learnt from this first virtual quilting bee, send lots more fabric than you think they will need and be flexible.

So the next exciting news is my BFF Rowena is pregnent, yay.
Shes due in February and its her first.
Im sooo happy for her she is going to be one fab mummy.
So you know what I did I ran upstairs and grabbed the remaining Kona solid jelly roll and started making 4 inch 4 patches.
Rowena was cooing over the rollup when I ordered it for Alices quilt.
Now I have 90 four patches ready to out togther.
Now this will be a mummy quilt, you know to hide under with the icecream and chocolate! The baby quilt, Im drooling over this range.


  1. Love the blocks! That quilt will be so pretty and what a great idea for a swap.


  2. The blocks are great, I love the combinations so far. The 4 patch is going to be really neat, too. Have fun!

  3. The blocks are great, but I can't figure out what the deviation is? I'm wondering what the 4-patches are going to turn into and I LOVE the colors of the baby quilt fabric you're drooling over. (I might be drooling too right now...I think it's about time I make an elephant quilt anyways...)

  4. They look fantastic together. I'll get my one (plus mistake) off to you as soon as I can get it made.....kona white ordered this morning!
    What a lovely idea to make a mummy quilt and the fabric you have in mind for the baby one will be great. Juliex

  5. Looks like you are having way too much fun! Enjoy! ---"Love"

  6. Love your blocks.
    Congrats to your BFF. She is going to love her quilt andthe baby quilt. Happy stitching.

  7. They look fab together - can't wait to see it grow as more arrive.

  8. I love the idea of a "mom" quilt. She will really enjoy the fun colors you are using. The swap blocks are great. Is the deviation in the fabrics on the lower right hand block? If not, I don't see it and I looked hard. I think it will look awesome. How many blocks are there total? Can't wait to see the rest!

  9. I love solid white in a quilt, it makes it feel so crisp and bright. The blocks look great.

    A mummy quilt sounds perfect, why should the babies get all the quilts!

  10. Wonderful blocks you've received--obviously the group is very creative! The quilt for Mom is a great idea too and the colorful blocks will make her quite happy, I'm sure. Mary