Sunday, 31 October 2010

Chaucer anyone?

We had a busy week on half term, Disney on Ice, museums, walking mad Old English Sheepdogs in very muddy parks, jewellery parties (spent way too much on Christmas presents) and Canterbury. The reason for Canterbury is I'm doing Chaucer at college and I was stumped, I'm not usually stumped, Shakespeare a doddle, ????

Nina, the girls and I went to the The Canterbury Tales Visitor Attraction and it made was only four of the tales told, but was well done although a little freaky, Aubrey went round with a torch!

Above is the Cathedral where Thomas Beckett was murdered.

Look at the wonky steps, they must be over 200 years old, think of the people that have gone up and down them!

Thank you for all of Aubreys well wishes, her eye has healed really well and there is only a little red line.


  1. WOW and here was I in wonder of walking through one of our oldest cemetery being 1840 (our history doesn't go much beyond that) . . .
    Thanks for sharing your photos xxx

  2. I agree, I really didn't click with Shakespeare until I saw some live performances. Fantastic worn steps. Thank you so much for the wonderful swap blocks. I just love the bright red borders! Ann :-)