Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween

I'm here writing this in the dark as I'm avoiding the knocks on the door, thankfully there aren't many, the kids and I ate all the sweets this afternoon whilst watching a movie marathon!

So here is a the 'Kelly Block' its a framed snowball, I have 19 of them so far, need about 25. It's 10 inch square finished and I have used the fabrics Ann sent me in her giveaway. From the name I'm sure you can guess its a gift, I'm not sure if she reads the blog.....

So one of the Christmas gifts this year, is my Dads 'Healing Quilt', its an enormous king size using the four healing colours green, light blue, dark blue and violet. He asked for four rows of these colours in the quilt and I have used artistic license and got a combination of those hues and will make rows of 3 inch squares. Its all Kona solids from the Fabric Shack, very cheap only $2.10 for half yard!
So now the kids are in bed I can put on the scary adult movies.......


  1. Like your block. Your Dad's quilt will be so nice with all the colors you chose. Enjoy the scary movie.

  2. I love the sound of your Dad's Healing Quilt. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses. :-)

  3. We don't have to hide from the trick or treater's here....there just aren't any where we live;) Looking forward to what you do with those wonderful solids;)
    Happy Quilting!!