Wednesday, 6 October 2010

September and October Bee Blocks

Yay! for finding the camera, boo! for getting a new computer which (sloooowly) downloads all my photos instead of letting me pick, hence after 1051 photos and four hours I can now have picture posts.

So here is my September Bee Block, a spider web block. I really enjoyed this one and have already selected fabrics to make my own quilt.

Here is the October Bee Block, a spring tree using my own hand as a template. Again I really enjoyed doing, however I wouldn't make a whole quilt, maybe a small wall hanging with all the kids hands.

Sorry the photos are all dark, its October, its raining, there's no natural light and wont be until June. However this means good quilting weather and I have lots to show you so expect lots posts.


  1. These two blocks are so cute, I love the idea of doing a wall hanging with all of your kids hands. Enjoy all that great quilting weather!

  2. The blocks are great. I love the bright colors in the first and using your hand as a template for the second.

  3. Both blocks are great, but the tree block is the best;) I love that your hand will forever be in a quilt!!
    Happy Quilting!!

  4. Love the September block, and the colours you've used! October's is lovely too and it's a great idea to use all the family members hands. :-)

  5. Great blocks, both of them! I hope you do make one with the kids' hands; that will be very special. ---"Love"

  6. Thanks for the tip about making a pincushion - obvious after you've thought about it! I love your tree for Cat. I tried making a start on mine yesterday but Finn was sent home from school with an allergic reaction to, hopefully soon. Looking forward to seeing what else you have been up to. Juliex

  7. Love the spider web block. Never saw it set that way. Very cute tree, also a new setting.


  8. Love the first block and all the great colors.
    Your hand block with your kids hands all around would be such a special quilt. What a great idea!
    Can't wait to hear what else you are up to.
    I gbot my blocks and the adorable little bag. Thank you so much. Hope to get them posted this week end.