Thursday, 9 December 2010

Not quite the Birthday I expected.

As Britain looked like this last week,
I couldn't get to the airport so I had to cancel my trip to Germany.
Devastated is the word.
So new arrangements were made, only to be hit with spots on Sunday!
Yep the boys have chicken pox!!!
So I've not left the house for a week, my birthday plans were rearranged again and I'm an outcast!!

The girls and nieces singing 'Happy Birthday' to me from a safe distance !
I was at my front door and it did amuse the commuters who walking past to get to the station.

Germy boys!
Riley is more spotty than Connor (in blue) but they are everywhere and I mean everywhere !!! Today I think we are on the homestretch as there are no (apparent ) new spots and the ones they have are crusting over.


  1. Too bad your plans were ruined. Hope the boys get well soon and you get your trip at another time.

  2. What a way to spend a birthday! And trouble always seems to come in bundles, too. I hope the boys are less itchy soon...I remember chicken pox and it was no fun!

  3. I'm sorry your birthday plans didn't work out, yet. Hope everyone is healthy again soon and you can enjoy the trip you had planned!

  4. Kids! There's always something happening with them that causes us to change our plans! Believe me, it doesn't always get better as they age either! But you, and they, will survive! ---"Love"

  5. Sometime's nature's timing doesn't quite cooperate with our plans;( I hope everyone is feeling better soon, and that you get to go somewhere for a belated birthday trip soon;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  6. Oh dear! I hope you have a lovely rescheduled birthday at some later date, and that the boys feel better soon so that you can leave the house again!

  7. Hard to have chicken pox, they are so itchy. Hard to be the Mom of those with chicken pox. I feel for all of you.
    Sorry your trip had to be cancelled. Ihope you will get anothetr chance to travel for a belated birthday celebration. More important I hope you get to get out of the house soon!!

  8. :( What a yucky thing! Well.... the confinement & caregiving of those that are sick will surely make the trip that much more of a vacation hopefully!!
    Happy Sewing & Happy Living!! :)

  9. Chicken Pox! I remember those! When I was a little girl and someone in the neighborhood had chicken pox, all the mom's used to throw a chicken pox party! The idea was to expose those kids who never had it so you could "get it over with"! Guess people don't do that nowadays, huh, LOL! Sorry you missed your trip but at least you know chicken pox won't spoil the reschedule. Have you had chicken pox?


  10. Oh no, poor thing! I'm sure your trip will be worth the wait. :-)