Monday, 13 December 2010

November Bee Blocks and a pin cushion

November Bee Blocks for Maria, 8 inch square with a Christmas theme.
The only problem with the Bee,
is each month I add a new quilt that I want to make to my long long list!!!!

Sleeping babushka from the scrappy pincushion swap.
She matches the fabric that I'm using for my spiderweb quilt!


  1. oh yes - I have added this months bee quilt to my list of wants/must do's . . . to the point I've made 3 blocks so far.
    Al I want for Christmas is more crafting time please Santa .. .. ..

  2. The blocks look grteat Karen, thank you :)

  3. The blocks look so cute...I would want to make more too. My want to do list just keeps growing.