Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Aubreys tangled birthday

If you are under 10, a girl and like Disney, Its all about Rapunzel this year.
Tangled comes out at the end of the month and the girls are all over it like a rash!
So we had a tangled birthday and Aubs asked for a tower cake.
I let her do the edible sparkle...there was a lot of edible sparkle and it all got eaten.
It doesn't get digested!
I don't like taking photos of my cakes, as it always show up every lump, bump and crack.


  1. Nothing wrong with that cake! You did a great job and I will bet Aubrey will always remember this birthday!


  2. Looks like a fun party! The cake is awesome!

  3. Happy birthday Aubrey! What a fantastic cake! (What lumps and cracks?) I want to see that movie, too...

  4. Beautiful! (both your daughter and the cake!) I'm sure Aubrey had a blast! :) ~Christine

  5. Happy Birthday Aubrey! The cake looks amazing!! I don't see any lumps. You make the most awesome cakes. I admire your skill, my cakes are always a bit of a mess. :)
    Hope Aubrey loves the movie.

  6. The cake and Aubrey's dress are both cute as can be, but that smile on Aubrey's face is beautiful! Happy Birthday to you, Aubrey! ---"Love"

  7. Good stuff!! Don't worry about the perfectness of the cake...the fact that you make them for her is perfect!!
    Happy Quilting!!

  8. Happy Birthday Aubrey!! The cake looks great!

  9. Aubrey looks happy and the cake looks great. Now do you get to put your feet up and recover? :)