Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Meet William David Charles

sorry photos backwards, silly blogger!!

Rowena my bestest friendy had her baby 7 weeks early on the 3rd Jan.
Baby William is doing fine, he has some oesophagus issues but hes strong and healthy and ever so cute.

cool view from his window

He was only 2kg (about 4.6lbs)

Rowena and William, doesn't she look fab :)


  1. He is so sweet and tiny! My oldest daughter was twice his weight at birth and my other two were bigger than her. He is a cutie and will grow very quickly. Congrats to all!

  2. Welcome little William! What a sweetie.

  3. Marsha, my twins were 7lbs 7oz and 6lbs 5oz, they were huge together lol They started him on breast milk this evening so hopefully the fat will fatten him up

  4. Even preemies don't stay small very long! He's a cutie, with a lovely mother! ---"Love"

  5. He is sooo tiny and cute! His Mom looks great too. (Your twins were very good size for twins. Yikes).

  6. No tiny babies for me either! But he is as cute as a button. Congratulations to your friend!