Sunday, 13 February 2011

February Bee Block

Winging its way up to Scotland is this bird in a tree.
Its adapted from Material Obsession 2, I had to shrink it down slightly to fit the background fabric.
The bird is also looking the wrong way,
I got a confused about what way the pattern piece should go.
Instead of using fabric for the tree branch I used a chain stitch.
I've used heatnbond and then sewed round each piece.

My niece watched me make this and has declared that next school break we are making birds in trees for t-shirts and bags. 
Pretty cool idea, I just have to find some cheap cotton t-shirts


  1. Very cool. A great block, but I agree with your niece - it would look awesome on bags and shirts, too!

  2. We are going to do some tie-dye and cut the shapes out of that :)

  3. Cute block! The tee-shirts and bags will be "just the thing" for girls! ---"Love"

  4. It is adorable;) I can see why your neice wants to have stuff with that sort on it;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  5. Very pretty! I especially love the leaves on the vine.


  6. Great block and good idea to put it on shirts and bags. I love that you did a chain stitch, gives it a cool dimentional look.

  7. It looks even better in real life. Arrived this morning having taken the fast route - no walkig, pubs or swimming involved this time! Thanks so much.
    I'd love to hear if you find some cotton tops -I've often wanted to applique for Islay and the boys but haven't really managed to find a good source of good quality tops. juliex

  8. Hurray - the link went on fine and brought me right here! And I love this block - I love the leaves and how the bird is looking backwards.

  9. Amazing block, very beautiful!!
    Thank you for sharing (arrived here via Lynne's blog)!