Thursday, 10 February 2011

Spiderweb block

With time to spare today, 
I cannot watch another episode of Little Einsteins my brain might explode,
I started on the spiderweb quilt.
This is going to be made into a picnic blanket for our holiday in August.
We are going here.

Now the reason (apart from sick Connor) for all the UFO's is that come September,
I am back at University full time!
Why have I subjected my self to this, well I'm doing my Teacher Training so I can teach in a Primary school (age 7 - 11)
You may not know this but I taught English as a Foreign Language throughout Asia for many many years. Hence Rachel being born in Seoul South Korea!
So I'm fairly comfortable with teaching, the hours suit me because of the kids and I signed up for the Masters course, so I get 60 credits towards a Masters.
However I will have no time to do anything for the next year, I probably won't even see the kids, so fun stuff will be at a minimum.
I have so many quilts I want to get finished and I have until August to do them.


  1. Beautiful block. It's going to be a goergous quilt. And good for you going back to school full-time. I know you think you won't have much free time, but once you settle into the schedule, you'll find time to see your kids and maybe even quilt! In the meantime, keep those quilt photos coming (like I need more inspiration).

  2. Love the spiderweb.
    John is a teacher and trained when Angus (no. 2) was born. He absolutely loves it - he did find the pgce year quite busy at times but I suspect that, like him, since you've got 'life experience' (!) and teaching experience behind you you'll find it a lot easier than most.

  3. Quite an intriguing quilt block! I can imagine what a beautiful quilt it will make. ---"Love"

  4. Oh, your spiderweb block made Flit squeal with delight! I think she is still on a black/red/white kick while I am thinking pink and pastels! You will do fine with the new schedule and congratulations for having the drive to go back to school. We will all be rooting for you!


  5. That's a beautiful block. Good luck with the return to school full-time.

  6. I'm happy for you that you are being able to follow your career dreams;) I once went to college to become a teacher. My main instructor told me that I was "too truthful" to be a teacher in America....the parents wouldn't appreciate my opinions, and that I should find another career. Maybe I shouldn't have listened to her, but I took it to heart. I wanted to teach with the Department of Defense schools so that I could get stationed overseas and get to tour the world. Oh well;)

    I love the spider web block. It's going to be gorgeous!!
    Happy Quilting!!

  7. Good luck! It will be great to see what you'll get done in that time.

  8. All the best going back to school. You will do great. It is hard to balance everything at first, but you will find your rhythm.

    The spiderweb block looks awesome.
    Now go sew!!!