Tuesday, 26 April 2011

What we have been up to the last two months....

 Finishing up quilts

 creating Mrs Fox and a tiger for world book day

 having teeth knocked out by your baby brother and his dinosaur

 having 4th birthday parties in the garden

 learning to ride bikes

going to museums for birthday treats...yes that dinosaur on the right is the culprit

We've also had cats having surgery, Sascha is fine just had a major op to remove a foreign object from her intestine!
Made a three tier wedding cake
Finished up some bee blocks
read Bleak house and reread Dracula, Frankenstein and Wuthering Heights for the exam
Wrote 3000 words on the Victorian detective novel
Enjoyed the very hot weather we've had here in England
Saw Frankenstein at the theatre, bloody brilliant
and trying to contain unruly four year old twin boys!


  1. Looks like a fun time was had by all! ---"Love"

  2. Where to begin. The quilt is beautiful. Fantastic job quilting it.
    Mrs. Fox and tiger are adorable. (With or without teeth).
    The boys are growing up fast. They look like they are always in motion.
    I have to read Bleak House. Which Frankenstein did you see? I think I have seen every version that has been released.
    Glad to hear from you.

  3. Wow, you have been busy! The quilt is beautiful, I love the soft pastel colors and the little butterfly is adorable. Your kids are so cute and growing so fast! Enjoy!

  4. Busy busy! Your kids are growing like weeds and look positively happy. I'm guessing they make you look slightly frazzled on occasion!

  5. All that going on and you still managed to finish a quilt? Supermama! Love your pictures, the kids are adorable.

    Love from Liri

  6. Looks like you've been up to a lot of FUN lately! The quilt is beautiful and the cake is perfect for little boys.

  7. What a nice, quiet, peaceful life you lead!! Juliex

  8. Looks like you have been a mite busy! With twin 4 year old boys & an older girl, you have your hands full. I don't know how you can do any quilting, let alone study and write papers.

  9. And here I was thinking you were getting ready for Will & Kate's wedding! Love your quilts! Life is busy with a tribe of little ones.