Monday, 6 February 2012

Halfway through...

and I'm still alive...barely.
Who knew teaching would be so emotionally draining as well as physically and mentally.
There hasn't been anything creative done in months, in fact my sewing machine is still packed away from the move last August.
That is unless you count the art I made with my 11 year olds, made with paper instead of fabric but based on these....we did all the seasons and had a big display (cant post sorry kids in it..)
I was hoping for some balance to the year, bu there isn't any its all work, I barely see my four kiddos. 
But we have a grand vacation to Italy planned in August...
so here's holding out till then...
and hopefully Ill see everyone soon.


  1. I would imagine that teaching would be an all encompassing profession. Keep your chin up and summer will be here before you know it. Can you do any quilt related projects in class? You could use it for math, art, history, community involvement projects, recycling, etc.
    Happy Teaching!!

  2. SO glad to hear from you. I was just thinking that I needed to email you to see if you were ok over there.
    Teaching is really a lot of work, but it is important work. Hope you get some time with your kids. Hope we hear from you again before the Italy vacation.

  3. Hang in there! I have the utmost respect for good teachers, which I'm sure you are. I couldn't do it!

  4. It's an incredibly demanding job and most teachers give a great deal of themselves to their students. They are so dedicated. So long as you are enjoying it all. I bet those tiddlers of yours have grown a fair bit. ann :-)

  5. I knew we hadn't heard from you for quite a while! Maybe you should try to do some handwork for 15 min. per day - just to get your mind on something more relaxing for a change. Just a though! I know how busy a woman is while working full time and taking care of a house and family.

  6. It's so good to hear from you! Yep, teaching does take most everything you've got, but I hope you find it worth the efforts. I still fondly remember many of my teachers - the ones who seemed to give it their all, so you're doing a good thing. I hope you do find time to work on quilty stuff soon, but the paper crafts sound like a lot of fun instead.

  7. I was only thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were going. Even though you sound tired you've accomplished so much!