Sunday, 13 May 2012

Puddles and a finish (almost)

OOOh just look at these puddles...Whats that Mum? Oh please stop waffling on about those big stones, I have puddles to jump in.

Managed to get away at Easter for a few days and have ordered lots of yummy fabric because I have five weeks. Yup just five weeks and this crazy crazy year will stop...phew...I'm clingy where did I put that lesson plan?


  1. Looks like a great get away, hope you all had fun. Yea, five weeks to go before you can get back to sewing. Hang in there and enjoy that fabric!

  2. Ha! My daughter would be exactly the same. Have fun with your fabric!

  3. Yay puddles! Enjoy some sewing therapy! Here's to hoping these last 5 weeks go quickly.

  4. I hesitate to say...I still like jumping in puddles. LOL
    Glad you had a bit of a break at Easter. I am sure the next 5 weeks will speed by. I hope after that you will have a bit of time for sewing and to pop in here too.