Sunday, 10 June 2012

I took a day out....

As this is a portrait done by Connor of Mummy.
This actually represents me very well,
words do not describe how tired I am, this does.
I think the red is smudge lipstick or red wine.
The hair is perfect.
I have put on weight and am looking quite round.

So I took a day out of teaching stuff (school closed for half term week, I didn't leave kids without a teacher), planning, cleaning, organising my kids, essay writing and the all important readings.

I quilted.
I sewed.
I cut up fabric.
I attempted to knit.
I drank lots of tea.

I finished Connors quilt top.
It's not up to the usual standard.
I've lost the ability to use imperial instead of metric.
Darn those inches!

I started a dress for Rachel using the above 1930's pattern.
I'm glad I have my degree in Fashion Design or I wouldn't have been able to put it together.
Rachel's taking part in a WW2 evacuation day.
Grandma has knitted a cardigan from a 30's pattern.
We have an old battered suitcase.
A genuine German (i know couldn't get an English one!) gas mask.
Long white socks.

Quilted and bound a baby quilt.
Joseph is now 3months old.
But Connor is 5 and only just getting his quilt!
I love these fabrics.
I have a tonne more for Riley's quilt.

There is no knitting picture, it's embarrassing!

Three weeks is all that there is left of my course.
Then I have three weeks at  home without the kids.
I CANNOT wait.
I love my kids I love my job but....
I want to be alone with my machine.



  1. It sounds like you have been very busy and need some time to yourself! I was always the same way, I love my family, but those precious amounts of time when I am all by myself are just a gift! Enjoy yourself!

  2. Three weeks alone? Will you know what to do with yourself? I mean like by week two or three... The quilts look great and I'm sure the knitting did as well, but it's great you got to take a day off and play. Though I am a bit worried about that hairstyle...let's hope it doesn't catch on because I don't think even my worst bed-head could keep up with that!

  3. The portrait had me a bit nervous. I think you needed a few days to play.
    I love the dress pattern. Will we get to see her when she is dressed for the WWII evacuation?
    It was great to hear from you.
    Hopefully we will hear from you again when you get three lovely weeks to sew, knit, rest, have fun!

  4. Sounds like a bit too much togetherness for a while maybe? Glad you got a break! I'd bet that before the three weeks are up, you'll be wishing for company again! *wink* At least you did get a lot done, and have plans for lots more. Good luck! ---"Love"

  5. Those three weeks will be a real treat indeed. Enjoy them! Great finishes on your quilts too. I guess in the 1930s just about everyone was sewing so instructions and tricky things were the norm. This muct be a pre-war pattern. I can't imagine you'd be allowed to have pleats in dresses when rationing was on. ann :-)

  6. Three weeks to yourself? Sounds wonderful! If you need some help with the patterns, let me know. These look like the patterns I used to buy in the 50's. (Yeah, I'm that old, LOL!) Sometimes the instructions can be just a bit confusing.