Saturday, 30 June 2012

Quick I need a present for a niece!

Suddenely realised I didn't have a present for Hannah
Who is 1 tomorrow.
Then realised that today I have nothing to do.
I got signed off from my course on Wednesday.
Therefore I am a qualified teacher.
I survived 10 months of gruelling hard work, 8 essays, 2 presentations, 3 placements, countless lectures and seminars and raised (or rather dragged up) four kids and three cats single handley.
I'm rather proud of myself.

So back to having nothing to do.
I can do something,
I can make a quilt in day.

I love this quilt.
I didnt want to give away.
Perfect for being dragged around.
Not a drop of pink in sight (mama of Hannah approves)
I really liked the decision not to have boarders.
Plus not resorting to putting white in.
The only thing I didn't like was machining the binding.
When she is older I will hand sew it.

I have written a list of I want to accomplish this summer.
Its long!


  1. Very sweet. I love the back - it makes the front pop just that much more. So what's this list for summer? And congrats on finishing! When does school start up again...this time on the flip-side of the teaching!?

  2. You are more than qualified to wrangle a class of unruly students! Congratulations on your achievement. Your quilt is fantastic! ann :-)

  3. What great news you've shared with us! And your quilt is adorable! ---"Love"

  4. Congratulations on now being a qualified teacher! Great achievement!

    Loving the quilt - so cheerful!!

  5. Welcome back to blogland, and congratulations too! Sounds like you deserve a good break. :-)

  6. Congratulations - what a fantastic achievement xxxx

  7. Congratulations, now you can enjoy your summer! The quilt is so cute, love the happy colors in it!

  8. Congrats!! Do you have a teaching job yet? I bet your children are really happy that you don't have homework (at least for a while).
    Love the bright quilt and the black and white really makes all the colors pop.
    Great job.
    How long is that list?