Saturday, 28 July 2012

Olympic Friday Night Sew In

We stayed up late watching the opening ceremony, which in my humble opinion was great,
a bit cheesy
and contained lots of references that the rest of the world just wouldn't get!

I have been hand sewing hexagons for a while now,
someone suggested it on my comments and what a great idea.

I'm using the fabric I bought at the Victoria and Albert museum a few years ago.
The fabrics are reproductions or take inspiration from historical fabrics found in quilts.
Some as old as the 1700's.

I have to share some photos of the cycling we went to watch today at the Mall, just outside Buckingham Palace today.
No photos of the cyclists, they were far too quick!

Team Ikea!

Aubrey had the best view!

I think Rachels look says it all!

  I can see Mum!

The funniest part, a man cycling down the mall on a Boris bike
with about 100 policemen chasing him!


  1. How cool!!! I waited all day for the opening ceremony to be televised. Got my hand projects out. Made my little 'nest' and turned on the TV. That chanel (and only that chanel) wasn't working. I was sooo upset. Found out later it was onlt the one TV, I could have gone upstairs. I am going to try and find it online.

  2. Forgot to say that I love your hexies. They are fun to do.

  3. The Opening Ceremony was fabulous! I just loved HM's cameo with James Bond. Your hexies are simplay charming. Must get mine out and play. ann :-)

  4. Thanks for the pictures. Looks like you had a fun day! Hexies are fun to do. I have a lap quilt of them to get finished!