Friday, 16 November 2012

Nearly there!

With completing my children's quilts...
and here we have the boys. 

Riley's was finished in time for his hospital visit.
I was actually sewing the binding on whilst he was having the operation.
The fabric is Riley Blakes Minds Wheels.
With lots of orange, Riley's favourite colour.

Connors quilt has been worked on for about two years now!
I made myself sit down on Saturday night and quilt it.
No excuses I said to myself...quilt!
It only took two hours, why I kept putting it off I don't know.
Can't remember the name of the fabric - Cadburys Castle or something.
Anyways lots of dragons, knights and Camelot!

I haven't quite finished it, it needs a binding.

I quilted a meander using grey thread, my favourite way to quilt.

On Riley's I used white thread and did a loop de loop.


  1. Very cute quilts and I'm sure they will be enjoyed in their new home!

  2. Delightful little quilts. Well done!


  3. So cute, I know the will love them!

  4. Your quilting looks very good to me; wish I could do as well. Certainly the kids will enjoy their quilts. ---"Love"

  5. Great colors! Your quilting looks really good to me.
    I love that the quilts are different colors and designs.I am sure they will love them for a long time.

  6. Wonderful quilts! I want to come over and snuggle up under one! And I like the quilting motifs...might have to borrow those one of these days...