Saturday, 3 November 2012

This week...

We have been entertaining political babies.

Painting walls urban grey and laying flooring

Finding the perfect lampshade for that urban grey wall.
Moving lots of furniture around and then moving it back.
Entertained the grandparents who flew in from San Francisco.
And dreaming about what we can do in the garden, which is a wasteland,
and being told by Monty Don that I have until Christmas to my tulips in the ground.


  1. Your are busy, busy, busy! Moving into a new house always entails lots of work.

  2. Everything is looking great so far! That's a pretty lampshade; most unusual! Don't work too hard! ---"Love"

  3. All that hard work will pay off in the long run - you'll have a beautiful home! And the garden will take time if it's truly a wasteland, but just like the house, with time it will become beautiful. But don't forget to enjoy the process a little, too!

  4. You are going to have one elegant home when you're done! The snippets you're sharing look fantastic. I'm such a coward about home decor...

  5. I LOVE the lampshade. Where is it from?

    1. Homebase!! They had 15% off last weekend so instead of £40 I paid £34. They are having another 15% off weekend on the 10/11 of November xx

  6. That shade is awesome!! Love it. The paint color looks so pretty. You are really working hard and what I have seen shows great results. Hope you are enjoying settling into your new house.