Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Taking time to ...

It's chaos here (nothing new)
I am sat in the sofa still in my coat, having walked in the front door two hours and planning a power point on fractions. My class didn't get it, I got confused so we will start again tomorrow.
I have 110 costumes to finish up, tinsel sewing anyone?
Christmas present buying hasn't even started.
I have a party on Saturday for my birthday, is the house clean?
Dinner whats that?
However I have been disturbed by the cats playing with marbles.
Wooden floors are fantastic for swatting marbles across.
They are having so much fun!
So I'm taking a moment to breath...
to realise if my friends are bothered about a dusty windowsill or grubby walls, are they really my friends? Which they wont so don't worry about it.
Do the students really notice if the tinsel is sewn wonky..no they don't..relax it doesn't have to be perfect.
Fractions? refresh myself before trying to teach,
get them to write complicated questions on paper and we will get back to  it later.
Dinner, that's what the shepherd pie in the freezer is for.
December is a trying month at the best of times, combined with everything else it can be overwhelming so keep it simple & special
A photo...well because all posts need one...
P.S It wasn't this lump running around the living room, it was his sisters.


  1. You have your head on right! Merry Christmas!


  2. I can relate! I always used to dread December with so much to do. Now that I am retired it isn't nearly so bad. Try to remember the important things - dust isn't! Neither is perfection.

  3. Sounds like you are overloading too; don't let it get you down! I'm hoping that all the work and worrying early will allow me to enjoy all the festivities once they begin, which, by the way, is tomorrow at my home! I'm almost finished! (more ways than one! tee hee!) If I'm not finished by tonight, I'm forgetting it! ---"Love"

  4. Fractions can confuse anyone,but you can sort it all out.
    I haven't decorated or started shopping yet either.
    Your friends will never notice any posssible dust. Just have your best friend arrive first....I find after one person arrives it starts looking messy anyway LOL.
    Happy Birthday and enjoy.

  5. If I lived just a little bit closer, I'd help you sew that tinsel on! And you're right - true friends are the ones who don't mind the dust (and cat hair...and stray marbles...) Fractions took me a while to understand and I know they do for many others, so don't beat yourself up over them. You and the kids will get there. Math isn't easy! So relax, enjoy your birthday and party and know that it will all be okay in the end.