Monday, 21 January 2013

Long may the snow last

School for me was cancelled today.
School for the sprogs wasn't.
I yippeedd.
They didn't.
Five whole hours on my own.
Single mum + full time worker = no time ever on my own.
I should probably have cleaned or something.

Nine blocks finished, three almost and two...
well I cut one of the orignal blocks wrong
and it needs magically sticking back together.
I'm thinking no sashing but a big boarder with squares.


  1. Lucky you! I always loved snow days and getting to stay home to do whatever. But, I feel for the kids too. Boo Hoo! OK, they'll be fine. Looks like a really cute quilt!

  2. You can clean with the kids around, but you can't have any "me time". You made wonderful use of your 5 hours :)

  3. Great progress! I agree no sashing is needed. It's going to be adorable! ---"Love"

  4. Five-whole-hours - what a treat! Glad you spent it having fun rather than doing chores. The house only gets messy again anyway. Blocks look good.

  5. Chores? What chores? Snow days are for FUN! And you definitely did some of that. The quilt looks great and I agree with no borders.

  6. Oh it looks great! I like it without sashing. Glad you took some me time. Everyone needs that even if it takes snow to get it for you. ;)

  7. I followed you here from tollipop. :) Your quilts are lovely!