Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snow Sew

Its been snowing since Friday.
We haven't been out.
We've been watching movies, drinking hot chocolate and eating everything in the cupboards.
Just got the call to say school is closed tomorrow.
I got out the quilt basket today.
I wanted to finish of some off my WIPS.
I have a few quilt tops that are almost ready to go but...
no boarders and no fabric for boarders.
Ive run out of black fabric for Mexican quilt...
why did I only buy a fat quarter of black ???
So I started on a new bed quilt for me.
A Bento box quilt.
Here's the first complete block.
It finishes at 12".
Now do I add a sashing or just sew them together?
I guess I'll have to wait till I've finished all them.
I bought the fabrics as a gift to myself after finisihng my PGCE last summer.
I need more quilts in the winter as it gets quite cold and
our living room is very cold at night.
Have you found that not being being able to upload direct from your computer very annoying!


  1. You can get around it - check out Liri's post on how to do this. Works a treat! Your Bento block looks good. As for sashing - depends on whether you want them to *float* or not. Stay safe and warm in all trhat snow.

  2. Oh how I wish my winter weekends could be spent exclusively at home, but it seems there is always something needing my attention in the outside world. I'm a little jealous, but that venturing out into the cold makes me appreciate my warm home all the more, so I guess it's not all bad. Your new quilt is going to be goergous, but you're right - you're going to have to wait and see how they play together to decide if you want sashing or not. Enjoy your snow day!

  3. Enjoy hunkering down inside with your quilting. I'll be interested to see how the bento box quilt turns out. I have no idea or opinion about sashing or not on this one...

  4. Hope you get lots of blocks made while you're snowed in! That block is very pretty, and interesting! ---"Love"

  5. Have fun while you are snowed in. Your block looks good. I think you will have to see it with more blocks to decide if you want to sash it or not.
    Hope you get out of the house before the food is gone.
    Stay warm.