Saturday, 5 January 2013

Started the year as I mean to go on...

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year.
Ours was quiet but full of accomplishments.
Boys room finished.
Hallway finished.
Girls room started.
Level 3 of Mario completed.
and sewing...lots of sewing

Aubrey's quilt top has been finished, just waiting for batting.
This isn't the completed quilt top.

A Victorian dress for Rachel's visit to the Raggedy Museum.
The name suggests she go as a poor Victorian child.
But she wanted a proper dress.
Who am I to argue.
Another post and photos of Rachel dressed up to follow.

The start of my cousins Mexican inspired quilt.

From this photos of tiles in Mexican restaurant.
Goals for this year...
more sewing
more baking, I'm going to use everything in my cupboards!
the garden, its a disaster!
reading, I have a huge list of books
Holiday....the goal to save money each month
Back to school Monday for me.
Looking forward to this terms topic of 'The Invadors'
Celts, Romans and Vikings.
I have to dress as a Roman at the end of term!


  1. You've been busy! I love the peek of Aubrey's quilt top - so crisp and cheerful! And that dress! Lucky Rachel. Have a great 2013 and may you make progress towards those goals!

  2. You have been busy. Glad to see you on line. Can't wait to see the next peek at the Mexican Quilt.

  3. Another jam-packed year in your household - not surprising with four munchkins. Great sewing projects happening.

  4. Beautiful projects! Love the dress, didn't know you could make clothing! That Mexican quilt will be stunning! You are going to include the cactus, right?

  5. That dress is adorable! The quilt will be too. Sounds like you have your plans made; now stick to it, and your year will be successful! ---"Love"

  6. The colors in the quilt are so happy, it makes me smile. That dress is awesome. I could never make one that looked so great.
    You are really starting off the New Year with lots of fun projects. (The Mexican inspired it!)
    Happy New Year. Happy stitching.

  7. What a lot going on, but it's never a dull moment around here either! I love Aubrey's quilt colors. So bright and fresh - I want one too! The dress is great, but can we see what you wear to dress up at the end of the term too? The Mexican quilt is going to be fantastic - it's it fun where our inspiration comes from? And I'm right there with you on the reading (though my list is an actual stack...) and using up what's in the cupboards to bake with. Here's to a productive new year for us all!