Saturday, 2 February 2013

Victorian Day

Rachel in her Victorian outfit.
She was constantly swishing her skirts around.
I cheated with a zipper up the back.

Love the puffed sleeves.
It is a full length dress but for some reason I don't have a full length shot.
I really don't like dressing up myself but have so much fun when I dress up the kids.
Especially making the outfits, costume making would be a fun job.


  1. Rachel makes a very cute Victorian young lady! The dress is so pretty and sounds like she is having lots of fun wearing it!

  2. Just love the outfit. I remember dressing up as a child. Such fond memories for the kids.

  3. Gorgeous! I remember my mum making a Colonial Lady's dress from old red velvet curtains and lace. I wore three petticoats underneath, lace gloves and carried a parasol. All for a school performance. Loved it. Loved wearing it. Swished and sashayed all day. Luckily for Rachel she doesn't have to wear the Victorian corsetry!

  4. I would have been swishing my skirts too :)

  5. Rachel is so adorable. She looks just great. I would have worked those skirts too.

  6. Darling outfit! And darling girl! Long skirts are fun.

  7. Such a pretty girl in a pretty dress. You're a great mom!

  8. Beautiful! The dress and the pretty girl!