Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Its far too cold!

Its Easter and that means two weeks off work.
Work is coming along nicely on the house, I was able to clear out most of the garden.
Just waiting for some warmer weather to start planting.
We've had the longest winter here in England, this morning at 8am it was -2 and we've had snow flurries!
Very strange.

I've finally got my head round crocheting.
Its only taken 10 years, I started to try it when pregnant with Rachel.
Never had much success until I teamed up a book, a website and you tube!
Go my treble stitch, in circles.

Sewing during term time has been really hard.
I just don't have the time, with children, clubs, marking and trying to fit in sleep.
I have however spent the last few days whipping up the rest of the blocks for my Aunts quilt.
Although I can't quite finish it I ran out of  white fabric.
So a trip to the quilting store is in order...yay

My grey and yellow living room is nearly complete, I have  new grey sofa on order and the most lush fabric flying its way from the states.
I just need to find a couple of perfect pieces of furniture to finish it off.


  1. You are so very busy! Teaching and your little ones, their activities, and your new house. If I had all that happening my house would probably never get any attention.
    Enjoy your time off! And your fabric shopping trip. Hope you find some pieces to go with your new couch.

  2. You certainly manage a full day. I'm exhausted just reading about all that you accomplish. I do hope spring visits you soon. Your winter has been so cold. Nice work on the crochet.