Sunday, 20 October 2013

Bountiful Harvest

It's been an impressive year in this household for fruits and vegetables. 
With a glut of tomatoes, I made passata, tomato ketchup and green tomato chutney. 

Here is the October harvest, a pumpkin, squash and rhubarb.

 It's not going to win any beauty pageants but can't wait to eat it

The squash is  beautiful deep orange and I'm thinking of making squash cake.

I secretly love rainy wet Sundays, I get so much done and usually early so spend the early evening eating pudding (tonight it's rhubarb crumble) and crocheting. 

The granny square blanket is rockin along,it's not really square any more but I'm not worried. It's a functional blanket not a showstopper ;)

I am still looking for all the right furniture for the house, last weekend i scored a wardrobe for the girls and this piece for my TV. Its not exactly where I want it but it serves a purpose, by not having to strain to see the TV on the floor!. 

A project I'm thinking about once the granny square is done is a blanket made from these crochet circles. I'm leaning towards orange and blue with a bit of cream thrown in.

Still occasionaly sewing, have some lovely fabric to cover a chair which has been waylaid due to missing scissors. I think they are at school!

I'm going to ask Santa for a new camera for Christmas xx


  1. I love the afghan! I am wondering about a squash cake, though...I've heard of carrot cake...hmm... I hope Santa brings you that new camera along with extra time to share photos of all the things you're working on!

  2. Great scoring furniture! Nice harvest. Crochet is so much fun and so relaxing (when it goes right). I love that little circle.
    Hope that camera comes with Santa.

  3. I love your granny square! Who cares whether it stays square or not? It will be nice and warm. Be sure to tell us about your squash cake; I'm wondering about that too. ---"Love"

  4. A good harvest indeed. You can freeze pumpkin if you just want it for cooking or soup later on. Leave the skin on. I'd walk over broken glass for rhubarb crumble. Do you have ice cream or custard with yours?

  5. I love the color of the squash and pumpkin, they look yummy! The little blanket is adorable and looks so cuddly.