Sunday, 15 December 2013

Bodiam Castle

 Did you know there are over 20 castles in Kent?
I didn't.
We've been to some but after deciding to do a castle project at school (which was the best) I have made it our 2014 mission to visit the ones that are still standing*.
I have an English Heritage and National Trust card so there are only a few I'll have to pay out (yikes Leeds Castle will cost quite a few pennies!!)

So our first castle (OK OK its not 2014 but hey we need to start somewhere and yes Bodiam is in East Sussex not Kent) was Bodiam Castle.
 It is beautiful and very atmospheric, fog was rolling out when we first arrived. 
It's been empty for hundreds of years and was considered such a romantic spot that the Victorians would propose here.

So the list

Sissinghurt Castle
Deal Castle
Dover Castle
Chidingstone Castle
Hever Castle
Lullingstone Castle
Westenhanger Castle and Medieval Barns
Leeds Castle
Rochester Castle
Tonbridge Castle
Upnor Castle

*Disclaimer* I may visit castles that are not in Kent and blog.
 I may visit historical houses and blog. 
I may visit a castle that is just a ruin and blog. 
Heck it's my blog, I'll just blog x



  1. We don't see anything like that in the US! Can't wait to "go along" on some more of your adventures!

  2. Very cool! Maybe I should put some of those castles on my bucket list? Please do share what all you visit, no matter where it is. :)

  3. Wow! I am with Katie, going on the bucket list. You can show me anything you go see. I may never get to teh UK so I enjoy whatever you blog about.