Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Scotney Castle

Whilst on errands deep in the Kent countryside yesterday we stopped off at Scotney Castle to give the children a run around.

Scotney castle, not a true castle but the ruins of a  medieval moated manor house, which is on a small island on a small lake. It situated in vast grounds once belonging to the Hussey family. 

At the top of the gardens is a large house built between 1835 and 1841, known as Scotney New Castle.  The house has lots of Tudor revival architecture mixed in with 50's wallpaper and books. Hundreds of books, everywhere! My type of house.

I don't think Scotney castle was on the original list but at this time of year a lot of places are shut during the week one down? I'm counting it.

My crochet blanket started a year ago in March is getting there...I felt the red was taking over so I stopped and just carried on with my favorite colours the grey and blue. No sewing, maybe later this holiday.


  1. Thanks so very much for sharing the wonderful glimpse into places I will never get to visit. Your crocheted blanking is really looking great! ---"Love"

  2. I want to live in that castle! The books...the trees...the view...all so beautiful and wonderful! The blanket looks great, too!

  3. The castle looks amazing. I could spend a long time reading all those books. :) Thanks for sharing.
    The crochet looks pretty, love your colors.

  4. What a great place to visit. I love those trees! Your blanket is looking wonderful, the colors are so nice together.

    1. Yes the tress were great, especially the one I photographed I wanted to climb it.