Friday, 1 July 2016

A year in a post

From bottom to top
(It's been far to long!)
Bath with Grandma
I drove us all to Naples, Italy
Love a bowl of muscles and noodles
Ice caves in Austria
Knole House, Seveboats
I am crochetting up a storm two blankets made for last Christmas.
Chatsworth House in a very cold December 21st, Manchester.
I've nearly completed my 2nd year of my MA Education
Still doing science experiments at school
Rachel keeps running
The boys being extras from Peaky Blinders
Paris in May - we were there when everything was closed due to flooding!
The first photo, Versaille, Connor threw up in there!

A very quick catch up from last May to this May. 


  1. So good to read about all the fun you and your family have had the last year; so good to hear from you again! My, how the kids have grown! ---"Love"

    1. Rachel and Aubrey are the same height as me! It's so much easier travelling now with bigger kids so definitely taking advantage.

  2. I can not believe how much all of your children have grown. Seems like only yesterday.....
    Looks like you all have had a very busy year. Lots of travel. Great to hear from you!

    1. It's because they don't stop eating...They eat everything!

  3. What a fun year you've had! It's no wonder we don't hear much from you - between the travels, the kids and school, who has time to blog? But maybe once in a while, give us a tidbit so we can cheer you on!